Ever wish you could push the Reset Button on your life?


You have debated pushing the reset button on your life, but not in a strategic way that actually gets you closer to what you want and need, but just a total burn down because honestly that seems easier and quicker than spending any capacity you don't have to be strategic about what is working, what is not and what to actually do about it.

You take a vacation, and consider moving to where you are on vacation, because the idea of staying on vacation just sounds way better than going back to your real life.

You need a vacation from that vacation you just took. Can you have a do-over?

You never actually took that vacation you know you needed, because life, or other priorities,
like young kids, a demanding job, or just not knowing what you would do on a vacation
that would make it worth it because vacations can be expensive. And you want to not regret the time and money spent, so you just don't take them.

You wonder why you are doing what you are doing, in your job, in your life, in your roles, because feeling drained, exhausted, unfulfilled, with lack of peace and continuing to desire getting back to feeling joy but not actually getting there seems like your current and future normal, unless you take action now.  And because you are drained, you don't have the bandwidth to figure it out yourself through trial and error, or just the idea of not figuring it out soon sounds stressful to you.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let me know if you can relate...

I Get it, I have been there.... AND FRANKLY, it suckED. 

But it doesn't have to be this way...

So here's a hint...

FOR ME IT SUCKED UNTIL I started taking these solo retreats....

When I first started taking these retreats, I was a single woman, in my late 20s.  Now, almost 14 years later, with a husband and son, I still do some form of Solo Reset Retreat... and it has made a big difference in my life, my work and in my loved ones' lives as well.


What's so special about a retreat, you ask?  Well I don't know about you, but if you have a 2 year old that wants constant attention and a husband that wants adult conversation, are you really going to be able to do your retreat in the bathroom with the door locked?  Just sayin'... when we don't find a way to get away for a time, we don't gain the capacity to see our existing life from a new perspective.  When we shift our physical location, we are starting to gain the momentum we need to have clarity and gain insight through new experiences we have on our trip.  And by doing so, we can come back refreshed and ready to interact with our family, with a pep in our step at work, feeling satisfied and enjoying our life.  Because sometimes we just need a break, and sometimes we need a pivot, and it can be really hard to figure out which if you don't make the effort to get away.

And by get away, maybe it is to your sunroom, or backyard or maybe a new coffee shop or even a new town you haven't been to.  It really depends on what you can do, and what you need.  And we help you figure that out.

Because why push the hard reset button on your life, when you just needed some tweaks or maybe a pivot in a couple areas of your life?

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I am not saying you can't take a retreat with a friend or family, but I have found through my experience, that the tendency to adjust what you do and what you focus on changes when you are around other people.  Because if it doesn't to some extent, what kind of friend or mom or sister or daughter are you, right? 

And if you have something you really need to figure out, the interaction and catering to other people could inhibit or delay you figuring it out.  And maybe you like to do some of the same things, but what if you need to do them in a different order to really benefit from the reset?  So make it more effective, you can always take separate trips with them at another time.  Because you deserve and need to figure out you to really enjoy their company anyway.  And they'll appreciate it, too. #presentfriend

In the Learn Module, you will learn all about the Catalyst Reset Method, the story behind it and the method principles.  So grab your coffee or tea and let's get started!  Because the sooner you start, the sooner you can be on your way to live you actually enjoy living, or continue to enjoy living!



In this module, we'll go over what is essential in your retreat & what decisions you can make in advance and in what order to avoid decision fatigue, and to make your retreat more effective and enjoyable at the same time! And who doesn't want that?
And if some hiccup happens, 'cause life happens, you'll have a better idea of what to do to adjust in real time using your tailored to you scenario-based plans.

At the heart of the retreat is what do you do during your process time.  Because you can do all the steps up until this one and get stuck, thinking you've waisted your efforts.  But it doesn't have to be that way. I walk you through step-by-step the CAP Method so you will be ready when you take your retreat, whether you are an analyzer or not, in a way that avoids overthinking helps you get to the heart of what is really going on.

Ever gone on vacation and realize you need another one? In this module, you will learn about what I call the "Retreat Tweak".  You will be retreating and figuring out how to troubleshoot, finding solutions that work for you so that you can have successful, powerful, life-changing retreats!

Included in your purchase is 4 group coaching calls. These calls are currently held twice a month, to give you time to watch the course videos, make decisions, implement and come to the group coaching calls with your questions!

Need a way to develop, and use your Reset plan?  I've got you covered.  The Catalyst Reset Method Planner is your companion during the program to keep track of what you decide as you go through the course and can be with you as you take your Reset Retreat so you can reference it in real time as needed!

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You can have a great retreat and come back refreshed, renewed and relaxed, energized and ready to continue your life, with clarity, confidence and momentum to implement what we figured out is the next steps to take in your life.

This is totally possible for you! I know because I have learned the art of retreating, in a way that I can help you develop yours efficiently and effectively so that you get what you need AND want on this trip and in your life!

Ever come back from a trip and you are actually Glad
You Are Back AND you had a Great time?


Let's be honest, it may have been awhile. Or maybe not, but you can't quite put your finger on why it was successful, except maybe it was the food, or the people? Or maybe it was because you didn't have as much responsibility as you have now? You're uncertain if you could replicate it unless you did the exact same thing again.  Except if you've ever tried to replicate the exact same trip, you might notice it may not have the same impact because you've changed and grown over that time period, or maybe where you go has changed or grown.  Or maybe you realize that because it doesn't have that element of newness, like the first time, it just doesn't effect you the same way.  I have been there, too.  It's disappointing. #tripsequel

WHY LEAVE IT TO CHANCE WHEN YOU CAN CREATE GREAT RESET RETREATS FOR YOURSELF THAT WORK FOR you, the situations and season of life you are in right now?

I don't know about you, but I've done the whole, if I can just get to the point where I am on that plane, I'm good. Except I ended up starting the trip exhausted, without packing what I actually needed and wanted and wasting time and energy just trying to get to a place where I can enjoy myself.  And why waste the first few hours or couple days of your retreat if you don't actually have to.

How will I know if I am successful?

Oh you'll know. And so will your boss, coworkers, spouse or significant other, kids, other family and friends.... because when we have done what we need for us, we naturally are in a better mood, have a lightness to our step, and respond vs react. And who doesn't want that?  And then they'll ask what you did, because they'll want it, too... and I have an answer for that inside the course!


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