Expand your Joy MASTERCLASS


February 1, 2023 on Zoom
at 4 pm EST / 12 pm AKST

1 hour masterclass on a self-care practice that actually works through creative painting.  

Can't make it live? Limited time replay
is available if you register.

Let's agree on one thing:
it's easy to be disconnected from ourselves and others in today's society.

 In order to live your life fully present and experience feeling it daily,
you need a daily practice that grounds you.

In this FREE Masterclass, you'll discover:

The three elements of an effective, creative self-care practice and why this leads to more happiness, peace and fulfillment.

The #1 method to get into flow consistently to take a break, energize yourself, tap into your creativity and increase your productivity.

The secret behind maintaining a creative self-care practice that actually works for you.


Artistic creativity lives in all of us, but we have to tap into it to recognize just how powerful it actually is.


When you embrace your artistic creativity through painting, you can connect to yourself and have the capacity to connect in your relationships and in your work in a way that unlocks your ability to feel emotions other than stress or overwhelm. 

It's like turning the dial up on hope, joy and peace daily so this becomes your natural state of being.

This proven and proprietary process establishes the foundation of your irresistible paint practice to help you weather challenging circumstances, gain clarity to make aligned decisions,
and connect with the people that matter most to you. 
All of this is so that you are actively living life vs. just being a bystander.

Because waiting for your life to have room for you to live it,
is not enough

And if you are doing all the status quo self-care activities like:
Netflix and wine, spin class or massages at the spa and
you wonder why it still doesn't feel like enough?
Your current self-care practice isn't working....

Here's what other women have said about working with me and my methods:


Amy Farnham

Former Radiologic Technician
& Stay-At-Home Mother of 3

Writer & Project Manager 

A painting practice that meets my emotional needs first is something that I didn’t realize I needed. I like having an artistic practice that's really just for me. 

Anna has that innate ability and gifting to meet people where they are. I felt very supported.


Retired Dietician & Grandmother

I was looking for a tactile experience, but didn't know it. I have found painting to be relaxing and stimulating, all at once. I feel less tension and a sense of excitement, joy, and accomplishment.

The best version of yourself is within you waiting to be unleashed through your creative self-care practice.  It's the critical missing element that makes your self-care effective, supporting you in taking care of you and others while accomplishing the goals and doing the work you were created to do.

Right now you may be wondering how to overcome emotions of stress, anxiousness, overwhelm, right?

Your desire for your life is to be living it now instead of waiting for your circumstances to change.

I'm Anna Elliott, Artist, Creative, Therapeutic Art Coach and founder of Painting that Connects™. 

I'm here to help you connect to yourself and the world around you through a creative and artistic, no limitations painting practice.

After creating and using my own painting practice for the past 6 years I've developed an effective framework and methods to use creative and artistic expression in a highly effective self-care practice in just a few minutes each day.  Over the past 4 years, I have served over 60 clients and organizations teaching them to reconnect to themselves, others and the world around them using painting to get present, giving them the capacity for connecting in their relationships and to their work, and feeling hope, joy, peace and fulfillment.

I can't wait for you to join this experiential masterclass. 

Register below and I'll see you there!