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Want 1:1 Support? This is your Answer.

1:1 Paint Sessions

I want to get started now and I don't want to wait for the Painting that Connects Session to open back up.

The Painting that Connects group coaching times don't work for me and/or I need the accountability through 1:1 Paint Sessions.

I am willing to let myself have emotions, release excess emotions, and process to the point of resolve but I don't want to do it in front of a bunch of people.

I want to do this in an individual setting, not in front of other people.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let me know if you can relate...

Doesn't It Feel Good when Something is Resolved?

There are so many experiences that we can have that can disconnect us, built right into this modern age.  And what are we doing to reconnect ourselves?  See, when we have experiences that we aren't processing, we are making the choice to set-aside that processing until another time, but do you ever pick that back up and address it?  Or do you ignore or stuff it?

See when we ignore or stuff what we are thinking and feeling about a certain situation, we choosing to let those experiences build up.  We are choosing to one day later spew or outburst what we are thinking or feeling because we didn't address it before we've had it trying to keep it all in. 

But we weren't made to keep it all in.  We were made to process it to the point of resolve.  This is why when we keep it all in, physical manifestations of ignoring or stuffing it occur.  This is why we have little awareness that we need to be addressing it, until we get some catty or sarcastic remark from someone, and the damage both to ourselves and to our relationships has already begun.  

But it doesn't have to be this way. We can resolve things before they build up.  And we can do that in a more complete way using painting.

If there is something keeping you stuck, we can address this through an assessment you'll take, followed-up by recommendations.

Assessment & Recommendations

what to expect


Whether it's mindset or logistics, painting methodologies or your painting practice.  We will work with where you are at and get you farther along in your journey.

Personalized Learning

Painting Exercises that we'll do together or give as homework will be catered to fix you and your journey.

Personalized Painting Exercises

Maybe you are not sure how to implement on your own what you are learning. We'll uncover where you want to go and discrete steps to get there.

Goal Setting & Action Steps

You'll receive the opportunity to have a copy of our session together to refer back to between sessions.

Recordings of our Sessions

You'll receive something tangible in the mail to support your journey.

Surprise in the Mail

"I love working one-on-one with Anna. It's not so much what I learn from her as what she empowers me to learn about myself. It can feel great to be "seen," but the only thing that is better is to be guided to see myself in new ways. Anna does that.."


Client love

Like the kind where you just feel like you are floating afterwards?  That the idea of feeling tight and stiff just sounds so foreign to you?

Well paint sessions are like that.... when you have an internal release - a shift - from a realization that you uncovered, you can go from not feeling to feeling.  You can go from feeling too much to releasing the excess.  You can gain courage and confidence to get comfortable with painting, with your emotions, with letting go or giving yourself permission to do what you've known unconsciously but haven't uncovered... yet.

Only instead of still having the issue that caused the physical muscle tightness, we are addressing root causes, so that we shift in a more permanent way using painting exercises tailored to you.  This is why people still have results later.  Because there is only so much logic you can convince yourself of... especially when your heart is not there. 

So let's address what is really going on, specific to you in a 1:1 container! 

Have you ever had a really Good Massage?

yes, Let's do this!

ready TO shift?


4 Session Package

4 Paint Sessions, including:

• Assessment & Recommendations
• Personalized Learning
• Personalized Painting Exercises
• Goal Setting & Next Action Steps
• Session Recordings
• Gift in the mail



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