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An artistic life is a life well-lived.

After I had a life-changing experience where I felt stuck and uncertain on how to address an unsustainable situation that pushed me past my bandwidth, I found a solution: painting.

As a result, I share my framework and custom-tailor it to women so they can get back to a place where they feel fulfilled, alive, seen, and heard. I am on a mission to help thousands of women go from stress and distracted to feeling alive again.

I'm a therapeutic art coach, intuitive painter, wife, and mom.


I'm Anna

Writer, PRoject Manager
& Painting that Connects Member


"A painting practice that meets my emotional needs first is something that I didn't realize I needed.  I love having an artistic practice that's really just for me.  I've got to take care of myself before I can take care of the world.  Painting that Connects helps me do that.  Painting that Connects has really been life-changing."


Former Radiologic TECH, NOW STAY AT HOME MOM & Painting that Connects Member

more connected and open in my relationships

"Painting that Connects has played a big role in connected my mom and me more.  It helped us each become connected with ourselves and therefore, able to do that with each other.  Our relationship is becoming more connected and more open, as a result of us both taking the program.  Painting that Connects ignited something in me, a desire to continue to explore improving my relationships in this way."



Workshop participants continue to be positively impacted months later...

"The encouragement & guidance that you provided for our team to discern their purpose in ministry during the retreat was instrumental in their efforts with parents this summer.  Thank you!"


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