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You feel burnout.  Tired, exhausted, stressed and disconnected from your life.

Your kids, husband, coworker or mom tells you "you need a vacation" or "you need a hobby"....

You realize that your current situation is not sustainable, but if you just make it to next week, next month, you'll figure it out.  But next week or next month comes and you haven't.  

You know you need a break.  But anything you've tried as a break wasn't enough of a break.

You wonder why can't I just not be stressed in stressful situations? But then you realize that sounds unreasonable if you were to say that to your BFF.

You need a way to rejuvenate yourself that doesn't take a lot of time, effort, money while is still effective but also enjoyable because are you really going to do it if it doesn't work or isn't fun?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Let me know if you can relate...

Burnout SUCKS.

But for once you don't have to stay there, you can use painting to get out of burnout, so that you can still be productive AND also enjoy your life.

See burnout makes it really hard to get to a place where you can figure out options that will actually help you and turn things around, even if your situations are currently not changing and part of what got you in here in the first place.

Wouldn't it be Nice if there was something that helped me shift from Burnout that i didn't have to figure out Myself?

I'm glad you asked.  Because there is!

Burnout doesn't have to be mandatory.  You can use painting as a tool to shift from burnout.  To reset yourself after a stressful period.  Before an important meeting.  When you have locked yourself in the bathroom from your needy toddler for 1 minute to paint because you just need some alone time.  *kidding, not kidding*


Why telling ourselves to Relax Doesn't Rejuvenate Us

Wouldn't it be so.much.easier. if we just could relax at the push of a button?  Sure, we can wish that is true, but is wishing really going to help us get there? 

See if we focus on why can't we operate differently, we actually aren't focused on doing what can actually shift us out of burnout.

But an art workshop can.  In my Inner Flow Workshop, I teach you my Flow State Method, which helps you understand your flow state and how to get into it consistently using painting.  Because when we focus on the three key components that help you get into flow, and tailor them to you, you can get there more consistently, and not just wish you were there already.  

When we empower ourselves with the right tools in our toolbox, we can use them when we need them to shift out of burnout, or proactively as a practice to stay in better states more often.

We can't control every situation that comes our way.  But we can shift from burnout, and make staying in burnout a thing of the past, or at least part of yesterday and not our tomorrow!



Inner Flow is the state where you are connected with yourself, regardless of what is going on in your life.  In this workshop, I teach principles from my Flow State Method followed by 3 painting exercises.

If you enjoy this workshop, I highly recommend Painting that Connects, Level 1, where we go into more detail, including the Painting Flow Effect.

Spiritual Flow Workshop is the workshop to take to get connected with God or partner with Him through painting.  In this workshop, I teach Spiritual Flow Method principles, followed by 3 painting exercises.

This workshop is for people wanting to connect with God.

Grief and Loss can be overwhelming.  It can take us by surprise and spill over when we least expect it.  But there is a method you can use to help you let go of the grief and loss in a way that supports you. 

In this workshop I teach you how you can use my method to help you feel the grief when you need to and shift back to joy.

Want to sign-up but don't know what paint supplies to buy to get started?

Have supplies but not sure they'll work?

No problem, I've got you covered!

There is a Free Paint Supply Guide with every service, specific to the workshop, program or 1:1 Paint Session! 

You can buy them with confidence or compare them to your supplies AND VERIFY that you already have what you need.

See you in class!


This is your sign! Life's too short, buy the brushes!



Maybe you are wondering what you need, I provide a guide for you to know and buy what you need or to compare your existing paint supplies against so you can be confident you have what you need before the workshop!

Unless the workshop ticket you are purchasing is for a specific in-person event, the workshop will be held live, over zoom.  You will receive an email series to provide you the information you need and to prepare you for your experience in the workshop.

Maybe you realize that you cannot make the exact workshop time, but are still interested in taking the workshop.  There is an option to be able to access the replay for 14 days.  Please be sure to check that option when purchasing your ticket!

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- Susan Q.

Workshop love

With every workshop ticket, you gain access to the workshop supply guide, specific to the workshop you are attending.  This guide will help you determine what supplies to get for the workshop as well as if you already have supplies, if they'll work for the workshop.

WHAT IS INCLUDED in the workshop?

Is this a live or recorded workshop I'll be taking?

The workshop is held live on zoom, unless it specifically states that it is an in-person workshop. If the workshop is held on zoom, a limited duration replay access will be provided. So if you can't make it but really want to take the workshop, you can!

What If I have no experience painting, or haven't since I was in preschool?

No prior painting experience or perceived talent is needed, all painting skill levels or experience are welcome.  It's not about what the painting looks like, because YOU are the Masterpiece!

How will I know if I am successful?

Oh you'll know. And so will your boss, coworkers, spouse or significant other, kids, other family and friends.... because when we have done what we need for us, we naturally are in a better mood, have a lightness to our step, and respond vs react. And who doesn't want that?  And then they'll ask what you did, because they'll want it, too... 


Frequently Asked

not technical painting skills. Any frankly, that is why this works!

yes, Let's do this!



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