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3 Reasons Why A Creative Paint Practice Can Be Helpful For Your Emotional Well-Being

A creative paint practice is helpful for your emotional well-being for a number of reasons. In this blog post, I share three reasons why a creative paint practice can be helpful for your emotional well-being.

Using painting to improve one’s emotional well-being is a primary reason why it helped me through some challenging times, including while tough circumstances were on-going, and why it can help you, too. Three specific ways that painting can be helpful for your emotional well-being are:

#1 PAINTING CAN BE AN EMOTIONAL RELEASE. Stored emotions can impact us physically and one way that we can release them in a way that is healthy for us and other people is to release them through the act of painting. The physical act of painting is an emotional release. While there are several things you can do to increase the emotional release, even the movement of the arm/shoulder as you are painting can allow you to release emotions as you move your brush across the canvas or paper can get you started. Releasing our emotions in a healthy way, for us and for the people around us, is very important for our relationships with ourselves and others.

#2 PAINTING CAN HELP US COMMUNICATE WHAT WE ARE FEELING. Painting can help us express our emotions, whether we know what they are verbally or not, and can help us find the words to verbalize what we are feeling, if we don’t.

#3 PAINTING CAN HELP YOU MOVE FORWARD. Painting can give you more of what you are wanting and less of what you don’t. If you are wanting to get out of feeling stuck, feel more period, or feel more joy, painting can help you do that.  

While there are additional emotional benefits for having your own creative paint practice, these three benefits are foundational in improving your quality of life.

However, the way in which you paint is pivotal in whether you acquire those benefits or not, and whether it happens efficiently.  

I’ve opened up spots on my calendar for one-on-one Paint Clarity Sessions. If this sounds like something you want to explore, learn more about Paint Sessions here.

Peace & Creativity,

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