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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Art, Creativity & Connection

AI is a hot topic right now given the more recent releases of language modeling tools such as Jasper or ChatGPT, prior releases of Art AI such as: Lensa AI or Prisma AI, lesser known tools with narrower applications like VideoBolt, or others that have been out awhile like video applications such as Searchie.io.  

There are several aspects to keep in mind when you choose to use AI and whether you use AI is a personal or professional choice. You may think that because you haven’t made a conscious choice to use it, you may not even realize that you are already using it in your everyday life as there are many ways it can streamline your life, and probably already does.

Last week I was on a zoom panel that covered the Impact of AI: How Do We Balance the Risks, Opportunities and Human Connection that was recently hosted by Ken Westgaard and released on his Podcast OMG I’m Launching Podcast, you can take a listen here.

In preparing for that podcast, both in conversations with one of my brothers and in my own research, I came to the many conclusions we discuss on the podcast based on the current status of many of these models as of today.

The biggest aspect however I believe is about people using it in a way that bypasses their creativity, as well as artistic expression, while creating disconnection with themselves and others.  When we go to use AI, think about these three concepts to use AI intentionally and specifically for what you are actually wanting. 

Purpose – What result are you after? What are you wanting to achieve through using it? A narrower or specific purpose can help us use it better and more efficiently without distraction.

Intention – What are you intending to do while using it?  Is it to get something done quicker, to avoid human interaction, is it to check a box, or is it further connecting you to yourself or others while using it?

Focus – What are you focused on while using it? Are you focused on what you are doing, or are you using it as a distraction from something else? Or are you focused on something else while the tool does it’s thing?

If we can get clear on the purpose, our intention and where we are focused during its use, we have clearer boundaries around what we are doing and why.

Before you use AI, there are 4 areas of questions that I believe you need to ask yourself to determine whether or not purposeful AI use is a choice you are wanting to make to use language modeling tools and art creation to enhance your life or your business.


Because as in prior blog posts, creativity is the ability to generate ideas – new or unique. If you are using language modeling tools to generate ideas for you, keep in mind it’s training data is a combination of information pulled from the internet and people’s prior requests inputted into the language modeling tool.

If we use AI to avoid using our creative muscle, we will lose out on: 1) new ideas that humans can create, 2) our happiness that is a result of using our creativity as we were born to use it, and fulfilling the need for creative solutions while under pressure.

If you use AI for idea generation, what are you still doing to tap into your creativity so that your creative muscle doesn’t atrophy and continue to develop? 


Ignoring or stuffing what we are thinking or feeling, causes disconnection. If we are not using a practice to get into flow and focus on what we are thinking and feeling, and resolve our experiences, we can stay in disconnection.  

If you are going straight to AI to figure things out, are you bypassing being aware or addressing what you are thinking and feeling? If so, what practice can you implement so you can get or stay connected?


If we expect to connect to our audience through our writing, for example, but we are not connected while writing it, it will be apparent in our writing.  Effective communication, whether written or verbal, or in artwork, is the process of conveying what we are thinking to another in a way that they understand.  Effective communication is possible when we have the capacity to connect with others.  Without our presence in the conversation, on the page or in the video, our audience will notice the disconnect and whatever you were trying to communicate could be distorted.  And effective communication is one way multiple parties can feel satisfied in their relationships.

What are you doing to ensure that how you communicate is effective?  What are you doing to be present in your writing, in your speaking, or in your art?  If you are using AI to write any of your content, work deliverables, what are you doing to ensure it is still connecting with your audience and at the quality you intend?

  1. ART

In at least one case, Jasper states you are creating royalty free art – which is covered by the creative commons license. On the plus side, you don’t have to pay Jasper to use the art created.  However, that also means you don’t own it.  If you don’t mind your likeness or art becoming part of the training data or in creating art without rights to it, this may be an option for you. If we stop creating art all together, just like using creative expression, we would deny ourselves the benefits of artistic expression.  Wondering about the benefits of artistic expression?  Stay tuned for the next blog post regarding the art creation process and the benefits of artistic expression.  In the meantime, consider…. 

If you are using AI to create art, or modify your art, would it bother you if you do not own the rights to the AI modified or generated art?  What art can you create that is just for you that you would still create just for yourself to have the benefits of creative and artistic expression if you decide to create AI art?

Whether you purposely use AI is a personal and professional choice.  I don’t make the decisions for you, and neither can AI (delegating gives away your personal power).  The questions above, however, can help you arrive at your decision for each of the areas you get to make about your usage of AI moving forward.

Thanks Ken Westgaard for hosting this podcast episode, and being willing to have an open conversation with a range of views about specific aspects of AI along with Todd, Kristen and Lindsay, without trying to direct it in any one direction.  In today’s world, this can be pretty unique and frankly powerfully engaging and connecting.  While AI continues to develop, the specifics mentioned may change over time (it is up to you to do your research), but regardless it can help you start thinking about AI at a deeper level: the risks, opportunities and ways you can still achieve human connection.

If you would like to listen to several viewpoints about several different aspects of AI, what you can use it for and what to be aware of, I suggest you take a listen to Episode 134 of Ken Westgaard’s OMG I’m Launching Podcast Here.

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