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Many times when I am in a conversation with someone and they ask what I do, people try to relate what I am doing in my painting practice with something with which they are familiar. Usually people automatically relate it to paint nights, which is completely understandable. While there are some similarities, like providing supplies, so you just come and paint, there are some discrete differences as well, and I think to really understand the differences, it is helpful to start with understanding the answer to “What is Therapeutic Art?”.

A creative paint practice is helpful for your emotional well-being for a number of reasons. In this blog post, I share three reasons why a creative paint practice can be helpful for your emotional well-being.

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Sometimes it is hard to look past what is going on right in front of you to see the bigger picture, come up with creative solutions that work better for your life right now and implement a painting practice that you need to help you enjoy life right now.  This is your individual opportunity solution.  Have questions and want to know if it is right for you?

1:1 Paint Sessions can be just what you need to get past whatever is keeping you Stuck...

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