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Can we use artificial intelligence tools in a way that maintains our creativity, artistic expression and connection to ourselves and others? Use these questions to help you determine that for yourself.

Today I am sharing Amanda’s story with you in the hopes that you will understand the impact that self-connection through painting can have in your life. Amanda, a stay-at-home mom, found it difficult to consistently find the time for her to take care of herself or even figure out what kind of self-care really met […]

Before we start exercising that creativity muscle, let’s talk about some of the different ways people can be creative.

#1 To be human is to be creative.

A story about how creativity saved a man’s life:

The other day I went to meet a friend for coffee. As we were sitting there, a couple she is friends with joined, and at some point we started talking about creativity.  A friend of a friend, Ross, told me this story about the unintended impact of creativity, and gave me permission to share it.

Winters in Alaska are long and how cold it gets varies, usually depending on where in the state you live and of course what weather shows up on your doorstep.   Getting outside, even in winter, is important for your sanity.  If you can get out while the sun is up, even better, but not required.  […]

Embracing imperfection in a painting practice can be so healing for your relationship with yourself, provide you the capacity for giving grace to others, and help you enjoy and create higher quality paintings.

When I first started painting, I had no idea where it would go, I didn’t even realize what I was doing with it until much later when it had transformed my life & I had started using my experience to help others.   Looking back, I can see the signs so clearly, but back then, […]

Anna painting in her studio

I remember the moment clearly. I was sitting on the floor of our small apartment, my mom had passed a few weeks prior and for most everyone else, life had returned to normal. Except me.

Picture this, you are in your office. It’s a dreary Tuesday and you are mentally exhausted. You feel the tension in your neck from too many stressful situations and despite all your efforts you are simply unable to focus. What do you do?

People sometimes wonder what makes my workshops and Painting that Connects™ Program so effective. Part of why they are so effective is in how I design my workshops, live events and coaching calls to incorporate my Flow State Method™.

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Sometimes it is hard to look past what is going on right in front of you to see the bigger picture, come up with creative solutions that work better for your life right now and implement a painting practice that you need to help you enjoy life right now.  This is your individual opportunity solution.  Have questions and want to know if it is right for you?

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